The Student Bar Association (“SBA”) is a student organization dedicated to the well-being of those students enrolled at MSU College of Law. We act as your advocate on all matters affecting student life from Honors Distinction and the Curve, to Study Room Hours and Infrastructure Concerns. Relentless is our drive in improving student life both inside and out of the classroom, evidenced by the numerous events we sponsor, fund, or promote. Law school does not have to be a time where one sacrifices their well being until it is over. SBA is here to ensure a proper balance is achieved and to help alleviate the common stresses we all find ourselves in.

We host numerous social and wellness events to aid students, both incoming and returning, in finding and maintaining a life beyond the walls of this institution. These events include yearly outings like the Halloween Party and Barristers’ Ball which are student favorites and often touted as the “Events of the Year”. Beyond these large-scale events, our wellness and social committees work hand-in-hand to find fun, free ways to destroy the rut of law school such as: social dance, yoga, therapy dogs, and more.

SBA puts the students at the top of its priority list and aims to be the one-stop shop for all things related to one’s journey through the storm that is law school. We as a body take no concern lightly as each student here deserves to have their voice heard to the fullest extent possible. We are your guides, your confidants, your colleagues.

We are SBA and we are here to serve you.


The Student Bar Association (“SBA”) is a registered student organization with the Office of Student Affairs, and is required to adhere to all rules and regulations to maintain its designation as such. All actions, activities, and official business are conducted as directed and permitted by the SBA Constitution and Bylaws. Copies of both documents, as well as additional resources for students, can be found below:

Executive Board

Kat Rejaei


Vincenzo Convertino

Vice President

Bailey Berg

Finance Director

Torence Witherspoon

Community Affairs Director

Amber Sanders

Administrative Director