Town Halls

Town Halls

What is a Town Hall?

The Student Bar Association hosts town hall forums to provide students with an opportunity to voice any concerns or issues they may be facing within the MSU Law community. Representatives from the SBA Executive Board facilitate the discussion and are there to answer any questions that may come up. If need be, the SBA Executive Board may need to take a student’s question to faculty or administrators depending on the nature of the subject matter.

Who can attend Town Halls?

We encourage all members of the student body from all levels (1L, 2L, 3L, LLM) attend the town hall forum. Faculty, staff, and administration are not present at these student-led forums, so students are encouraged to voice any and all concerns they may have without threat or fear of prejudicial treatment.

What does it mean to “co-sponsor” a Town Hall?

SBA invites any student organization to co-sponsor a town hall forum to promote and raise awareness of the group’s activities and events. The co-sponsoring organization is given the beginning minutes of the town hall forum to give a presentation of its choosing. Student attendees are encouraged to raise any questions they may have with the co-sponsoring group.

What if I can’t attend a Town Hall?

If your schedule does not permit you to attend the town hall forum, you are always welcome to connect with the SBA Executive Board in a number of ways. You may fill out the online contact form here, and your comments/questions/concerns will be forwarded directly to the SBA Executive Board. You may also stop by the SBA Office (Room 336) to talk with someone.

Is lunch provided?

Yes, lunch is typically at the SBA Town Hall forums. We kindly ask that, if you choose to stay for lunch, that you remain in the classroom for the duration of the event out of courtesy to both the SBA and the co-sponsoring student organization or group.

Who should I contact for additional follow-up?

Any questions about the SBA Town Halls should be directed to the SBA President.