Happy Thursday future Spartan Lawyers!

I wanted to share with you a change to the Credit/No Credit Policy. (Please note that this change does not have a start date as of yet.)

The old policy allowed students to decide by the last day of the class to use a total of five credits (a combination of two classes) for credit/no credit.

The new policy allows students to change a past class, within five days of obtaining the grade, to credit/no credit. This means that it will be for one class, a four credit max.

However, there are still certain classes that this rule does not obtain to (such as some moot court and TPI classes).

Again, there is no start date for this new policy as of yet.

Please feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, or opinions! You can email our Communications Director, Brittni Templeton, at msusbacomm@gmail.com. Additionally, please feel free to stop by SBA office hours Monday through Thursday from 12 PM until 2 PM and talk with an E-Board member.


Upcoming SBA events to be aware of:

4v4 Basketball Tournament- Saturday, March 24

Lansing Lugnuts Game- Thursday, April 19

Finals Break Room- beginning April 27

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