If you have any general questions about the SBA, ideas or suggestions for any events or programs you want to see in the future, or any issue you believe SBA should be aware of, please fill out the contact form* and your message will be forwarded to the proper individual.

If you would prefer your message to be anonymous, you can leave the name and email section blank. 

Find the contact information for the Executive Board and Committee Chairs here.

* If your question or concern is something that you believe should be addressed to administration, please contact the Office of Student Engagement.

The SBA Office is open intermittently throughout the school day and some weekend days. Feel free to stop by to see if there is an available Executive Board member if you want to talk with someone in-person. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE TIMES WHEN SBA MEMBERS ARE IN CLASS, OUT OF THE BUILDING, OR HOLDING MEETINGS, AND THE OFFICE MAY BE CLOSED.